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Ted Cruz Is Being Used By GOP Establishment & He Doesn’t Seem To Care…

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Posted on March 7, 2016 by DCWhispers
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Ted Cruz supporters enthusiastically proclaim Mr. Cruz to be a “political outsider”, choosing to ignore Cruz’s nearly twenty-year long affiliation at the highest levels of the Republican Party. Cruz’s own path to the Senate in fact began with a meeting intended to get the blessing of fellow Republican Texan, George W. Bush, a man whose presidential campaign Cruz worked for in 2000.
While Ted Cruz repeats the mantra that he is an establishment outsider, his actual political history is that of a very motivated and determined political insider willing to do and say whatever he deems necessary to further himself.
image: http://static2.politico.com/dims4/default/7662abb/2147483647/resize/1160x%3E/quality/90/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fs3-origin-images.politico.com%2F2015%2F06%2F29%2F150629_ted_cruz_ap_1160.jpg
That is not so much a slight against Mr. Cruz as it is clarification of his actual political DNA.
The term “self-promoter” is hardly new to the halls of Congress, but it is applied by his own colleagues to Ted Cruz possibly more than any other sitting member of that institution. It is that near-constant, willful self-promotion that has turned Republicans who might ideologically support Cruz’s positions, to ultimately turn against him on a personal level.
(Jeff Sessions, anyone?)
Ted Cruz is so widely disliked among his fellow senators not because of his claims of being anti-establishment, but for the simple fact nobody trusts him. They have witnessed time and again Cruz promising them one thing, and then after his office conducts voter response data, do a sudden 180 and declare himself against that which he initially and quietly suggested he would support.
For Ted Cruz, it is said by his many detractors that the only ideology that truly matters, is Ted Cruz.
These same fellow senators watched Cruz quickly cozy up to Donald Trump during the initial months of the GOP primary race. The Texas senator both saw and heard the positive voter response to Trump’s simple, albeit effective, campaign rhetoric and Cruz wanted to make certain he benefited by affiliating himself with the then-nascent Trump phenomena.
image: http://www.teapartytribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/cruz-trump-2016.jpg
Cruz was determined to ride the Trump wave as a means of yet more self-promotion of the Ted Cruz brand.
And it worked.
As other politicians who took Trump on were quickly dispatched, Cruz remained largely untouched, though behind the scenes, he was said to be informing his staff he would happily attack Mr. Trump when the time was right.
That time has clearly arrived for the senator. Just as he rode on the initial Trump momentum, Cruz has just as quickly jumped onto the Republican Establishment’s anti-Trump craze. It is that seeming absence of personal principles that was the motivating factor in Senator Jeff Sessions, long believed to be a Cruz supporter, to instead come out publicly in support of Donald Trump.
image: http://dailysignal.com/wp-content/uploads/160112_CruzSessions-1250x650.jpg
Senator Sessions had seen Cruz’s work up close during the off again on again immigration reform debate, and was left initially perplexed by Cruz’s ability to say one thing and then do another. Ted Cruz’s greatest concern appeared to be keeping his own name and face in front of the media as much as possible. Sessions is among the Senate’s most conservative members, but he is also willing to work with others whose views do not always mirror his own. His time with Cruz indicated to the Alabama Senator that Ted Cruz was a politician who was quick to realize the anti-establishment sentiment coursing through America after several years of a disastrous Obama presidency, and realized that getting things done in the Senate was not nearly so important to his own self-promotion branding as labeling himself a defiant government obstructionist. 
And so, Cruz was marginalized by politicians who found him to be far too political. Few trusted Ted Cruz to do anything that didn’t first and foremost, do something to further Ted Cruz. It is that Cruz-first prospective that has left a trail of dissatisfied colleagues dating back to Cruz’s time at the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice. (Hardly the resume of a political outsider.) For the nearly the entirety of his adult life, Ted Cruz has collected a government paycheck and used those taxpayer-funded jobs to work his way up the Establishment food chain.
And now, with the unlikely emergence of Donald Trump, Cruz finds himself in the position of having that Establishment grudgingly look to him to be their savior – and he is to this point, happily obliging them. 
Pressure has been mounting within the GOP to have some among the Senate endorse Ted Cruz. This plan has taken longer than originally anticipated, because so few in the Senate were willing to do so because of their deep, personal dislike for the Texas senator. Trump’s Super Tuesday victories have forced these personal dislikes to be pushed aside in favor of what some perceive to be a narrowing window to “save” the Republican Party.
image: http://i0.wp.com/blackchristiannews.com/go/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/48515369.cached.jpg?w=500
Ted Cruz has let it be known he is the Establishment’s last best hope to defeat Donald Trump and thus ensure that same establishment continues years into the future. Mr. Cruz enjoys the significant and well-funded pockets of Big Oil, the Legal Lobby, and the Chamber of Commerce, among others, to assist him in this endeavor. 
Ted Cruz didn’t want to destroy the Republican Establishment, he merely hoped to be its newly-anointed ruler.
With that same Establishment now eyeing the mortal threat they perceive to be a Donald Trump presidency, it appears Mr. Cruz might yet be given that opportunity
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