Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Trashy Mom Runs Her Mouth a Little Too Much. Then a Security Guard Sho...

Monday, December 1, 2014

FULL ferguson hit and run protesters EPIC FAIL

YEP IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN !! http://www.SmythRadio.com 

Ferguson Protest at Westlake Center Seattle black friday

LOSERS !!!! http://www.SmythRadio.com 

CNN helps Ferguson Obama gone rogue (part 1 of 12)

st louis rams ferguson fined for stupidity

- should these morons not be fined by the league for at bare minimum
the utter stupidity for throwing hands up in support of the genital
giant who attempted to kill a uniformed cop. the facts are that a black
man attacked a cop in Ferguson Missouri and jumped into his police car
attempting to retrieve his gun when it went off shooting his thumb. The
gentile giant ran and the Darren the cop yell stop. The gentile giant
turned around and charged Darren the cop at which time the cop unloaded
his 9mm on the violent 6'7" 300 lb suspect.