Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WTF is Wrong With These Abortion Murderers?

This article by TV Guide's Sadie Gennis is the biggest load of horsecrap I've read in a LONG time:


First of all she needs to cite where she read that illegal abortions is a leading cause of death in pregnant women. How long was this list? If complications of an illegal abortion was 15th on the list of causes of death of pregnant women, would that be considered "leading"?

Secondly, there is NO WAY that 1 in 3 women get an abortion. I would bet my life on it. I know literally thousands of women. I only know of a handful of them that got an abortion. I think the stats are incorrectly stated. If a woman gets 2 abortions, that is still only ONE WOMAN that got an abortion. I'll bet anything that liberals are counting all the abortions that women get. So in a sample of 30 women, if one prostitute gets 10 abortions and the others get zero, then you have 10 abortions for 30 women, or 1 out of 3.
Just read your statement: "Abortion is a legal procedure that one in three women undergoes."
That old picture you put up in your article - there will be one just like it in 100 years for abortion. And if there is any justice in the world, your name will be forever etched in the stone tablets of history to be one of the bad guys that supported it for so long.

Well let me educate you. At one time, if you were a Nazi in Germany, torturing and killing Jews and other prisoners on a mass scale WAS LEGAL. Germany was the law of the land for Germans. It was their national policy to legally exterminate Jews. It was only stopped because people were willing to fight to stop it because they felt it was wrong. They felt it was immoral. They valued human life. Now YOU are the Nazi. We are the Allies that are willing to fight to stop your murderous rampage because WE feel that infanticide is wrong. We feel it is immoral. We value human life.

Lastly this article is just a product of someone that does an excellent job of compartmentalizing the holocaust that she is engaging in and supporting. You are no different than the Eichmen and other Nazis that found justification in what you are doing. And just as we view them as monsters today, so too will your name and legacy be rightfully flushed down the toilet of history as the barbaric murderers that you are.