Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vicious Black Friday Brawl Woman Pulls out Stun Gun. UNCUT SHOCKING

You've got to be kidding me.  WOW

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Comedian Rips into MSNBC; Calls Sharpton ‘Pig,’ ‘AssHOle' "JackAss'

Jim Norton, on HuffPostLive, attacks liberal hypocrisy on race and political correctness.


How to End an Abortion Debate Quickly

Whenever I get into a lengthy discussion or debate with a eugenicist (oops, I mean "pro-choicer") about abortion, eventually we get to the argument that since the mother and father do not want this child, and in most cases will live in poverty, abuse, and/or an orphanage - in other words, a life not worth living, I recommend that you consider asking this question:

Can you describe to me a situation that could happen to you in your life that would cause you to actually commit suicide?

This should not be rhetorical. Make them tell you how bad it would have to get in oder for them to really do it. And I don't mean to describe a situation in which he or she would think about committing suicide, I really mean actually carrying it out.

If the pro-choicer begins to describe a situation, then you have the moral high ground. In fact, I would go as far as saying that the character of your debate opponent is so questionable that you could claim that he or she should have no right to have a say in government policy anyway.

But if they say "No," they cannot describe such a situation, as I believe most will, then you can point out the moral of this exercise:

An innocent life is a gift that should take precedence over any worldly situation that life may be confronted with.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

RAW UNCUT - Manhattan Mountain Man Accused Of Living Off Earth Without A License

- Yes this guy comes off sounding a bit looney but if you listen to him and what he is actually saying is from the founding fathers, WOW he's got his information together for sure and a case can be made that all these laws are not to protect us from each other but to protect the government from the people overthrowing tyranny.

Darwin's Frog Offically Extinct !! Now What ???

This is further PROOF that "WE" have no control.  We can only control ourselves and nothing else.  We can effect others but if God's plan includes a frog 365million years old to just go away then that is exactly what will happen.  Global warming is also another example of this crazy nonsense that the Left, liberal, democrate, socialist and communist invent to attract bleeding heart individuals that will drink the cool aid and act as mindless drones.  Common sense will prevail and craziness will fade in time.  Until then "Question" everything and dont ever leave your life's options in the hands of another.  SickBias.


Food stamp nation: Should this woman qualify for SNAP benefits?

[Update: @_EatMyTweets13 locked down her Twitter account just before noon ET on Saturday. Twitchy has added screenshots of photos to this post so that they can still be viewed by our readers.]
Think the food stamp system isn’t broken? Meet @_EatMyTweets13.
According to her Twitter feed, @_EatMyTweets13 called to check her food stamp balance earlier this month. She was surprised to learn that she’s still getting assistance and the balance has grown to $400.
Many of our elected officials caw about how food stamp fraud, illegal sale of EBT cards and benefits that exceed need are the stuff of myth. Oh, and of course nasty conservatives hate the poor because they won’t increase entitlements.
But evidently @_EatMyTweets13 doesn’t exactly need SNAP benefits to meet her nutritional needs.
Hey, guys, she’s got a cable bill to pay.
There’s no evidence that this young woman committed food stamp fraud. All we know is that according to her tweets, she receives benefits she doesn’t seem to use. But D.C. pander-bears continue to protect a system in which people who do just fine without food stamps look forward to a taxpayer-funded payday each month.
What else do we know about @_EatMyTweets13?
She has an iPhone. (Service plans don’t come cheap.)
And she likes to use that iPhone to tweet about her surprisingly high food stamp balance.
She has WiFi:
And she seems to have money for weed.
She cranks up her air conditioning like it’s going out of style.
And she likes to hit IHOP, Hooters and TGI Fridays for grub.
So … what’s on her agenda for next week?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Communist Government Kidnapping? American Hospital takes custody of teen girl after parents argue against diagnosis

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to a bizarre story out of Boston involving Justina Pelletier, a 15-year-old girl who has been stuck in a hospital for the last nine months after the medical facility took custody of her when her parents argued against her diagnosis.
“We are talking about the story that is up on The Blaze, ‘It’s kidnapping: Hospital takes custody of a girl.’ Imagine your 15-year-old daughter, you take her in because she has a flu, and you are told you have to get out. And you are escorted out by police, and you no longer have custody of your child because you disagree with the diagnosis,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “And so the parents now, for nine months, have been fighting this. The judge put a gag order, so nothing can get out, which is another thing that is absolutely wrong. That is absolutely wrong. “
TheBlaze reportsDaily Caller


For the last nine months, Justina Pelletier has been sneaking messages to her parents in Connecticut through folded origami notes.
“It is kidnapping,” Lou Pelletier, the girl’s father, told WTIC-TV.
The local news station investigated the case, for which a judge later issued a gag order, and has the background leading up to the ongoing custody battle.
Watch the report from WTIC-TV below:
Pelletier was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease a few years ago and was able to live a normal life. In February, she got the flu and was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital to see a specialist. It was at that time the problems began.
According to the WTIC report, new team of doctors took over Pelletier’s case and immediately questioned her previous diagnosis and re-diagnosed her with ‘somatoform disorder’ – a mental illness. Her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier, were not allowed to take their child out of the hospital and were instead escorted out by security. Within four days, they lost custody of Justina.
“That is absolutely wrong. I have a gag order? It’s my daughter. I’m not going to speak out for my daughter,” Glenn said. “It is an amazing story happening here in America. This is Russia. This is the stuff that used to happen in the Soviet Union, that we used to say, ‘Man, are we not blessed. That’s why this is an evil empire.’”
Glenn explained that this story is particularly important because it speaks to the question of rights. Yesterday, there was a story out of Tennessee involving a father who was arrested for trying to pick his kids up from school on foot instead of in a car. Today, we hear this story of parents who have been stripped of custody for disagreeing with their daughter’s doctor. We need to know our rights, and we need to continue to fight for them, or we are going to see a lot more stories like this one.
“Do you have a right? Who does your child belong to: You or the state? Is the state saying you can parent your child? Look, we will disagree on parenting stuff. We will disagree on healthcare choices. We are going to disagree. But if they’re not insane and they’re not abusing the child, I make the case that this is a kidnapping. I make the case that this is a re-education of this 15-year-old child, and it is absolutely wrong,” Glenn said. “Why does the state have the right to silence parents and put a gag order in when you say, ‘I want my child back. This is my child. You don’t have a right to do this.’ Why does the state have the right to gag you? Could you be gagged?”
“This is a really bad story,” Glenn concluded. “I want you to Facebook this and tweet this story, and get this story out to as many people as you possibly can. It’s abhorrent it’s been going on since February, and no one’s really heard or this story. Nationally, we are not talking about this story.”